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Our Own Little Corner of the Geekdom


On Our Own Little Corner of the Geekdom, Cra5hDown_3_2_1 & Sildark will discuss things related to "geek culture" including comic book based and sci-fi/fantasy movies, and television shows, comic books, sci-fi/fantasy novels, video games, role playing games, miniatures games, deck building games and board games.

Join us on Fridays for new episodes, new topics and new discussions. ENJOY!!!

We would also like to thank for the theme music that accompanies the podcast.

Episodes may contain harsh language.

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You can find Sildark on Facebook at Sildark and on Twitter @Sildark1


Cyberpunk 2077; Moving on from D&D; CW Discussion; Star Wars Rant
Gun Violence in Games; Gen-Con Authors, Books and Games; Gamestop
Gen-Con Nears, We're not Going but We're Still Going to Talk About it!!!
San Diego Comic-Con News and Impressions
Movie Talk; Warcraft, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, ScarJo & Bond Fails
Card Games: Online Personalities: Social Media Summit for the Politics
Why We Talk About Politics So Often
We've Been Gone for a While, Time to Get Caught-up on the Geekdom
Captain Marvel Uproar: DC's Swamp Thing: ...the WHO...?