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Our Own Little Corner of the Geekdom

A companion blog for the podcast Our Own Little Corner of the Geekdom


Whether it is an evolution of a ship that was introduced in the movies series’, ships give the Galaxy Far, Far Away a look, feel and flavor all its own.
The Star Wars Expanded Universe, what in now branded Legends, had so much going for it. The depth of world building from so many different authors yet still able to capture a similar voice for their stories and the ability to keep it quite concise and continuous make the experience of reading stories set in the world that George Lucas began.
In the first episode of Our Own Little Corner of the Geekdom, Sildark and I talked about the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movie Captain Marvel. I have recently taken the time to watch it again, on the recently launched Disney+ streaming service. I have a very different take on it today, than I did back in March (2019) when I first watched it.