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Conversation #58

First apologies for the poor sound quality of some of the participants in this weeks conversation.  We all wish that it had turned out better, and there is a learning curve that the guys seem to not be meeting when balancing in a third microphone.

This weeks conversation, Bubba Jay & Cra5hD0wn_3_2_1 are joined not only by Uncle Mark but also by a long time friend of Jay's, Todd Paul!  As band mates, in their youth, their "garage band," Froth. leaves some great memories for these two long time friends.  As a musician, drummer and songwriter, Todd takes us in to many aspect of how his life has been affected by music, how  his music (and love of it) has been affected by life.  We also pick his brain for his opinion on the music industry and artists today.  In a conversation that covers his dream of being a Rockstar from the very beginning to his desire to write music that touches people today, the guys have an amazing conversation and lots of fun.

Head over to Todd's YouTube Channel for more of his content at

Again, our deepest apologies for the poor sound quality.

Music by: PurplePlanet

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