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Merrick Emerges; A New World

As Merrick Lawson's sight comes back to him, he notices that things have changed. He is still in the garb he wore before as are his two companions, but the trees around him are full and vibrant. The air is rich and clean. The sky is clear and bright, the sun is out. Merrick cannot remember the last time he had seen the sun. He knows he has not seen it in the whole of his adult life, but his memory is hazy from before his 6th birthday. That was the day that everything changed in his homeland.

He has been told the tales of that day, the day the fire came as rain. As the story goes, the first of the rains came over the castle, directly into the courtyard, into the children playing, at the young prince's birthday party. Parents and servants of the castle rushed to gather the children and pull them inside. The rain scorched the land and caused anything that grew from it to be poisoned. That was 15 years ago, and everything he had seen of his world told him it was dying. He decided to search for a way to reverse the sorcery that had corrupted the land. That quest had brought him to his old home, the castle that should now be his, for his father and siblings were now lost, unheard from for years. In the depths of the castle, that had become the stronghold of the enemy, he discovered a mirror. There was a magic in the mirror, it hummed with amazing power. Merrick, was not a practitioner of magic, but he knew of those who were. Merrick with the assistance of his two companions attempted to steal the mirror but were cornered by being of darkness. The three fought to escape, but eventually they were surrounded. In their last stand the trio, broke the mirror strapped in a satchel at Merrick's hip.

A blinding white light engulfed him. His senses were lost, he could not hear, he had no weight, and all he saw was the light. Part of Merrick’s mind made him believe that he had been lost for a long, long time, but part of his body told him it had been just and instant. He heard birds, singing. This is not the land he had lived in for 21 years, this was a land of goodness and hope, unblemished by the darkness. Merrick looks to his companions, seeing wonder on their faces. They stare at the trees and animals of this land with the joy of a person who has just found their childhood friend after many, many years. He did not know what had become of his homeland, but at this moment he knew what had become of his friends, they were alive, and happy with their new surroundings. Finding a way back to their dark home could wait, for now they will take time and enjoy what seems a little piece of heaven...

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