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The First Days: From the Personal Diary of Chrisanttrus, Cleric of Pelor, God of the Sun (from the old world)

This is the tenth day amongst this forming new world.  The chaos of the realm is inexplicable and inescapable.  As I look across the land toward the horizon, I see the oceans expanding and deepening, the sky troubled by winds and lightning, the earth growing both out and up, creating mountains, and those mountains erupting into volcanoes, launching burning pieces of land through the sky to impact on the ocean, where they then grow to large island, merging with other islands forming new large land masses.  Creation is beautiful, wondrous, horrible, and terrifying, in equal measure. 

Just as the small, private spaces, that had been created by magic users from across multiverse, were rent from their native realms and shunt to this material plane, it seems as if the elemental planes have been loosed here as well, unleashing their primordial power adding substance to this new world.  The magics of the universe can be found here, but it is wild, untamed.  Practitioners of arcane, soul, and mind magic, can tap the raw magics, at great personal risk, to manifest their power.

I find that I am unable to cast of my own accord.  As many of those who find their power in nature and the divine.  It puzzles me as to why the few druids who are here, have no connection to their font of power.  I speculate that it has something to do with the constant flux of the elements as they grow to this new world

During my daily prayers, I feel lost.  There is no connection to the divine energy of the gods.  I know Pelor does not hear me, therefore can grant none of the divine power unto me.  Magic has not left me entirely, though, I do still have potions, scrolls and other Items to call upon.   I use them as necessary, to heal or protect others.

Two mages, a wizard and a sorcerer have sent word to me, and others apparently, with a plan to tame the wild power of the world, they have dubbed, Rethá: a word from an ancient dead language of their old world meaning “frontier” or some such.  They believe we can build a web of magic, but to complete it, it will take all of the most powerful mages to connect the entire web.

This undertaking will take years to finish.  Many of us are already old and will take the last of our power and will to bear the fruits of this labor.  But if it does yield ripe reward, magic will be harnessed and tamed for others to explore freely. 

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