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The Coronavirus Conspiracy

So, hear me out on this;

There is a CoVid-19/Coronavirus conspiracy but it’s not what the radical right-wing narrative trying to debunk the left-wing narrative would want you to believe. CoVid-19 is real!  There is no denying that the virus and its physical impact is a reality.  Now you can believe the numbers of dead have been inflated or that the media is blowing it all out of proportion or that we need to focus on protecting the vulnerable and let others get back to their lives, Personally, I believe each of these to differing degrees, but to state outright and unequivocally does not exist is wrong. 

The conspiracy is the “protective measures” around the virus.  In March 2020 when then, President Trump came out saying, “Shelter in place….15 days to flatten the curve…” almost nobody fought it.  Even when that got extended into another 15 days, it wasn’t that big of a deal.  After that first month, however, people started to question.  They saw these makeshift “MASH” units set up in many major metropolitan areas, and them not being used.  Yet, the quarantines, and lockdowns continued.  Mind you, these were set in place as executive orders in each state, and not ratified by the State’s Legislatures as laws, and there are arguments that they are violations of the constitution, protecting rights granted to everyone.

Here we are, 300 days later, still, life has NOT returned to normal.  Many businesses, that didn’t have multi-billion dollar backing, shut down, forever, lost to the crunch as the multi-national, multi-billion-dollar businesses operate almost unabated.  Walmart’s stock is at nearly $150 a share  on March 16th by comparison the price was $105 per share falling slightly, presumable because of the lockdowns, but jumped almost 20 points in just two days.  To be honest, I’m not sure what that means, but  it began a trend with this stock, that was hovering around $115 to gaining nearly 6% in the month of March alone.  All that revenue, all that cash, all that clout, going to enrich a company that already has enough power to cause long standing companies to change their packaging and containers shapes to fit more on the shelf and to impact a town by placing a traffic light in front of a newly built store.  This transfer of wealth to the corporation, lines the pockets of the already very wealthy executives and the politicians that are financed to facilitate the current economic state that exists in the world.  This is not a trend confined to Walmart, Amazon has seen similar, or possibly larger, growth during the “crisis” as has most other “big box” retail outlets.

We have seen stimulus packages come through, we’ll not discuss the validity of said bills, in the US, to help with the shift in all of our lives.  The unfortunate fact is: They are NOT enough!  As a nation, as a society, as a world, we need to get back to work.  We need to start building, we need to become strong, to turn a phrase, we need to be great, again. The backbone of the American Workforce is the small business, I have worked for several in the past, and am in the process of starting one now, it was those small businesses, in the aftermath of World War II, that rebuilt the devastated European continent, paving the way for the greatest economic boom in the history of forever, making the middle-class the strongest it had ever been. The middle-class that, historically, is comfortable, financially.  The middle-class that, historically, are the merchants, craftsmen, and tradesmen…or in other words: Small Business Owners.  The economic boom of the 1940s shifted the paradigm making the working-class equivalent to the middle and becoming one and the same.  Over the last 30 or so years, however, we have seen a weakening in the strength of the working/middle-class.  In the 50s,60s, 70s,80s the average American household could operate comfortably on a single income. 

The rich have established a status quo that continually enriches them and those in positions of power to allow to stop have, at every turn, continued to solidify this status quo.  We are at a breaking point.  Soon the only thing there will be is mega-corps that continue to take from those with less wealth to increase their own.  There needs to be a redistribution of wealth, especially in the United States.  But the redistributions don’t come from governmental edicts or wealth taxes or 60% tax brackets, it come from you, me and everyone saying in one unified voice, “…This is our country.  The rich DO NOT rule here.  This is mine, that is hers, that, over there, that’s theirs.  The USA was built on the backs of hard working, focused, willing men and women of all creeds, races and ethnicities to become the envy of the entire world.  WE do NOT want to become like the rest of the world.  Give us our freedoms.  Give us our lives.  Give us our pursuit of happiness.  We, the people, will settle for nothing less.”  Let the elites know, THEY serve US.  Don’t let them distract you.  Don’t let them divide you.  Stand united against those who would take everything from you and keep it for themselves.

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