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Alright, I Give Up...It's Time to Get Back to Living

Alright, I give up!

We are nearly six months on in the “pandemic response” to the coronavirus outbreak.  155 days that started out as 15 days to flatten the curve.  That’s done.  Infection rates seem to have leveled off and while new cases keep showing up, the number of those needing hospitalization is down as is the number of those dying from COVID-19.  In a number of large cities, emergency field hospitals were set up in order to alleviate the strain on hospital emergency rooms… a strain that was never fully realized in the U.S.  As a matter of fact, most of those units were dismantled a little more than a month after being set up.  Yet here we are.  Five months and eight days into a quarantine that has crippled us as a nation, a people…a society. 

Within a few weeks of the announcement nearly 40 million people had applied for unemployment.   Businesses burned through the stimulus money granted them to keep employees on payroll.  The government came through and extended its Paycheck Protection Program.  As we sit and play the waiting game, the United States Congress cannot come to an accord on what to do.  Those on the conservative side of the isle, want to put more money into the hand of the people and focus on the financial strain of this current crisis, however; it seems as if the other side, the liberal side, wants to focus on….not the people.  I don’t know what the truth of that is, but it does seem as if the democrats are unwilling to compromise and the republicans unwilling to bend too far.

We can see some recovery in the stock market, which took a big hit when the response to the epidemic in the U.S. was revealed.  People want to get out, do things, things that will make them feel as if they are getting back to a semblance of normalcy.  Why can’t we?  What is keeping us in this holding pattern?  Why doesn’t somebody do something? 

Let’s answer the last question first; Why doesn’t somebody do something?  Someone has or at least tried. There have been pleas made.  There has been attempts and treats to government to start reopening.  Yeah, it may not be pretty, but Donald Trump has made overtures he believes that the key to a strong country is a strong economy with little government intervention.  The truth is the federal government can do very little to influence state and local governments.  To the first and second questions the answer is the same: the American people.  Yes us, you, and me.  For some reason we are unwilling to do what is necessary to get things back to normal.  There are a few everyday people who have been trying, the owners of Atilis Gym and Lakeside Diner as well as a businessman running for senate in New Jersey.  To truly be heard, loudly and clearly, every single person in America who wants to have something that looks like normal must stand up and say, “This has gone on long enough.  It’s time, to start easing restriction.  Stop dragging your feet!  Let us do, let us go, give us back our liberty.”

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